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You’re on your way to joining a great RV service team

How do I begin the process of becoming an All Pro Water Flow (APWF) authorized dealer?
You’re already on your way! If you haven’t take the time to review our How APWF Works page, visit it and see why joining the All Pro Water Flow team is such a good idea. This page will give you some general information about becoming an authorized dealer and how you will interact with our founder, Preston Hall, and the entire APWF team.

Is this a franchise I am buying?
No. You are buying into a cooperative agreement between Preston Hall, founder of All Pro Water Flow, and your yourself. Since this is not a franchise, there are no franchise fees, revenue sharing, or royalty fees to pay out. Your only cost to Preston and All Pro Water Flow is the start-up fee. Any other expenses you want to incur, such as for advertising or promotion, equipment beyond what is initially provided, or costs related to doing business are your decision and responsibility.

Is there a formal contract or agreement?
Yes, and when you indicate your interest in becoming an authorized All Pro Water Flow dealer, Preston will send a packet to you that includes information about the program, the All Pro Water Flow Dealer Agreement, and articles about our company and the service we provide. Simply review the contract, sign it, and return it with your start-up fee and we’ll move on to the next step.
Will I receive any training on how to perform the service, use the provided equipment, and run my business?
Absolutely! Once you have reviewed, signed, and sent back the All Pro Water Flow Dealer Agreement along with your startup fee, Preston will contact you for in-person training near his home located in central Texas. You’ll spend a few days in a local RV park, performing cleaning service calls on RVs there, talking with Preston about how to run your business and promote it, why rallies are so important, and how to address common questions and situations that will arise as you are servicing customers.

What equipment is provided?
As a part of your start-up fee, you will receive a commercial high-pressure pump, various hoses and nozzle attachments, pipes and other equipment to be used when performing your RV holding tank cleaning services, and other items you may need in the normal transaction of business. Preston will go over all of these, demonstrating their use and care, giving advice and pointers along the way. By the time your training session is complete, you will be completely familiar and comfortable with the entire process and the equipment that is now yours.

Is the area I am servicing considered “protected” from other All Pro Water Flow dealers?
Yes this territory is considered a protected territory. Which means that no other All Pro Water Flow
agent will be allowed to operate in this protected area until it becomes available again.

How do I get business?
There are plenty of ways, but a good first step is to get your name out so people are aware of you and your company. You’ll certainly want business cards and maybe even a brochure. We suggest yard signs for while you are doing a service to help promote yourself to other, nearby RVers. You can use direct mail, Facebook advertising, a website with search engine optimization, contact with local RV parks, and other methods of marketing. One great way to promote your service is to work with RV owners groups and attend their rallies, giving seminars on holding tank maintenance, and serving their members onsite.

I don’t know much about marketing. Where do I begin?
When you’re getting your training from Preston, he will go over a lot of great marketing ideas and techniques with you.

How long does the process take and do I need to leave my RV?
Our hydro jet cleaning process is scheduled by appointment and completed in about one and a half hours, while your customer waits. You’ll answer all of your customer’s questions, review with them what you are doing, and give them some instruction for things they can do to keep their tanks clean and their sensors working between annual, professional cleanings.

What if I run into a problem during a cleaning service?
We realize that things can sometimes get a little tense during a service call, especially if a problem occurs. Don’t worry, we’ve seen almost every problem at least once and you can always call Preston to get his advice. We also have a password-protected area of this website where you can log in and get assistance from other authorized All Pro Water Flow dealers, accessing discussion groups, reference articles and more.

I see that some dealers have company names different than All Pro Water Flow. Are they part of the company?
We have a network of independent, authorized All Pro Water Flow dealers, who serve RVers all over the country. Each one has gone through our training, uses authorized and professional grade tools and techniques, and has the backing and experience of Preston Hall and the All Pro Water Flow company. Some dealers decide to have completely different company names, but all must reference that they are Authorized All Pro Water Flow Dealers or Agents in their promotion, literature, etc. Plus, being a part of the All Pro Water Flow team, you gain the advantage of our overall reputation and experience by strengthening the connection to our company!

What’s my next step?
If you’re ready to join the All Pro Water Flow team, go to our How to Become a Dealer page or jump right to Dealer Sign-Up to begin the process. Welcome to the team!