While you’re getting your training from ONE STEP CLOSER TO JOINING THE APWF TEAM

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Here’s what you need to know to get started

So you’ve decided that you want to tank advantage of one of the fast-growing and most promising business opportunities in the RV industry. Good for you! We’ll go over everything you need to know to join the All Pro Water Flow (APWF) team and become an Authorised All Pro Water Flow Dealer. We’ll assume you reviewed How the APWF Dealer Process Works and, if you had any questions, you visited our Dealer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. As you know, our dealers are considered co-operatives, so there’s no franchise fee, no percentage of revenue, or royalties paid to All Pro Water Flow.

Getting started
Simply email Preston Hall at pjh@allprowaterflow.com, or visit our Dealer Sign-Up page to begin the process. If you’re calling Preston, he’ll explain your next steps in detail and answer any questions. If you decide to send an email, be sure to provide your name, telephone number and email address (of course) and include any questions you may have. Preston will respond as soon as he can via email or a telephone call and mail you out an APWF Dealer Packet. Finally, if you decide to complete the information form on our Dealer Sign-Up page, we’ll have most of the information we need to send you packet and can answer any questions you provide at the time of sign-up.

Next, you’ll get your APWF Dealer Packet which will include the All Pro Water Flow Dealer Agreement, answers to some commonly-asked questions, articles and other documents about All Pro Water Flow, and details about your up-front fee, scheduling training, etc. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions and get answers from Preston about the business or becoming an authorized dealer.

Once Preston has received the signed All Pro Water Flow Dealer Agreement and upfront fee payment, he’ll reach out to you to schedule your in-person summer training in Colo. Springs, CO and winter training in Yuma, AZ. You’ll spend a few days in a local RV park, performing cleaning service calls on RVs there, talking with Preston about how to run your business and promote it, why rallies are so important, and how to address common questions and situations that will arise as you are servicing customers.

As a part of your start-up fee, you will receive a commercial high-pressure pump, various hoses and nozzle attachments, pipes and other equipment to be used when performing your RV holding tank cleaning services, and other items you may need in the normal transaction of business. Preston will go over all of these, demonstrating their use and care, giving advice and pointers along the way. By the time your training session is complete, you will be completely familiar and comfortable with the entire process and the equipment that is now yours. Preston will also go over a lot of great marketing ideas and techniques with you while you’re getting your training.

You are free to charge your own prices, though you are strongly encouraged to stay within the pricing guidelines and suggestions all of our dealers strive for. This way, when an RVers has their RV’s holding tanks cleaned by one dealer, another will be performing the same service for a similar price.

After that, you are in business! From time to time, Preston will reach out to you to see how you are doing, answer any questions you may have, and give you some suggestions. Certainly, you will be invited to make use of the “APWF Dealers-Only” section of this website where you can log in and get assistance from other authorized All Pro Water Flow dealers, accessing discussion groups, reference articles and more.

So now what?
As we said, once you’ve decided to become an authorized All Pro Water Flow dealer, your next step is to email Preston Hall at pjh@allprowaterflow.com, or visit our Dealer Sign-Up page to begin the process.