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It took a plumber to uniquely solve a plumbing problem
Founded in 2003 by Colorado-based plumber, Preston Hall, All Pro Water Flow has become the nation’s industry-leading professional service provider for RV holding tank cleaning services. A plumber for 25 years, Preston was the owner of Preston Rooter, a Falcon, Colorado-based residential and commercial plumbing business.

Preston owned an RV but was tired of chemicals and an unsanitary holding tank, so he set out to create a better cleaning system. Using a fiber optic underground camera that he used in his traditional plumbing business, he discovered that a customized nozzle (that he invented and patented), along with high-water pressure (500-6000 psi – determined by the size of the tank) providing remarkable friction of the water flow and regulated by the water pressure, RV holding tanks can now be completely flushed and cleaned – free of foreign matter and leftover waste that results in sludge and crud.
RV owners no longer have to rely on chemicals and enzymes to clean their RV’s holding tanks. And even the best of the chemicals do not eliminate odors or prevent the build-up of matter. RV holding tanks can be health hazards, too, because of the lingering waste material. and RV owners are susceptible to diseases like Hepatitis A.

All Pro Water Flow’s new 21st century RV holding-tank technology was featured in the October 2003 issue of RV News, and is now a household name at RV service centers, RV campgrounds, and RV dealers around the country. The three most popular campground corporations in the country have solicited Preston Hall’s expertise and information.

Utah-based Flying J Inc. has 175 travel centers and large truck stop locations in the United States. Flying J’s management team talked with Preston at an RV show, and All Pro Water Flow has been approved as the only outside vendor allowed to advertise its cleaning method at the Flying J RV gas pumps. Flying J also is looking to set up service centers at travel centers.

The RV industry continues to grow. Studies indicate 30 million of the retiring baby boomers are bound for the RV lifestyle, adding to the eight million who are already traveling in the big mobile second homes. With 4,500 RV dealers, 16,000 RV campgrounds, and 1,500 mobile RV services nationwide, there are many ways to market Preston’s holding tank cleaning service.

Preston’s ingenuity is opportunistic for potential entrepreneurs. For a significantly lesser amount of money than it would cost to own a McDonald’s franchise, co-operative RV cleaning-system service-center territories are up for grabs across the country. Today, his holding tank hydro-cleaning system is used throughout the United States by over a dozen All Pro Water Flow-authorized dealers. All Pro Water Flow is actively looking for new dealers. To learn how you can be a part of this success story, click here for more information.