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He’s a virtual, walking encyclopedia of holding tank cleaning info

Preston Hall, is an RVer, just like you. A plumber for 25 years, Preston was the owner of Preston Rooter, a Falcon, Colorado-based residential and commercial plumbing business, before he discovered he could take his experience and knowledge of plumbing to solve one of the RV industry’s greatest problems — how to truly get RV holding tanks clean, tank sensors reading properly, and the entire system functioning the way it did when it was new.

Preston has served in the Air Force, is a Colorado native, but now lives in Texas as a full-time RVer. And, like so many other successful entrepreneurs, he took an idea and followed it through so the rest of the world could reap its benefits.
Preston is the owner of All Pro Water Flow, and he has created what he refers to as “the biggest untouched service industry launched in the United States in the past 50 years.” He has invented a hydro-jetting cleaning system for RV holding tanks. Using plumbing equipment adapted to the cleaning service and a customized nozzle that he invented and patented, along with high-water pressure (500-6000 psi — determined by the size of the tank), RV holding tanks can now be completely flushed and cleaned — free of foreign matter and leftover waste that results in sludge, build-up and crud.

Most uninformed RVers use harsh chemicals and enzymes to “clean” their RV’s holding tanks. These only make waste — especially in the black tank — break down into a mushy mess, similar to sticky pancake batter. It’s this mess that sticks to and coats holding tank sensors and make them give false readings.

Tired of chemicals and an unsanitary holding tanks, Preston decided to create a better cleaning system. Using a fiber optic underground camera, he discovered that a special nozzle and regular plumbing equipment used with the friction of the water flow and regulated by the water pressure would thoroughly clean the tanks. Today, his holding tank hydro-jetting cleaning system is used by a growing network of over a dozen authorized All Pro Water Flow dealers nationwide.

Preston’s ingenuity is opportunistic for potential entrepreneurs. For a significantly lesser amount of money than it would cost to own a McDonald’s franchise, co-operative RV cleaning-system service-center territories are up for grabs across the country. Today, his holding tank hydro-cleaning system is used throughout the United States by over a dozen All Pro Water Flow-authorized dealers. All Pro Water Flow is actively looking for new dealers. To learn how you can be a part of this success story, click here for more information.